Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A pancake day:)

The first cooking lesson took place on the 20th of February at my home. My victims were Gemma and Michelle. Both of them have been studying with me. Thanks to the British (???)tradition, everybody was mad that day about pancakes, so, because I love cooking and I adore my colleagues I invited them for a pancake day. Probably, now the girls forgot how to make pancakes and maybe they do not even remember how pancakes look like, so if you are curious about our meeting and would like to learn how to prepare a very cheap and fast meal, below there is a recipe and some photos. Frankly speaking, we had quite a good fun... You should have seen their faces, when they saw what I put on my pancakes?!?!?!?!?! I also could not believed how people can be so closed for new experience... Gemma and Michelle eat pancakes only either with butter and sugar or with butter sugar and lemon. OK, I understand... I think that I understand... but why not try anything else???

For instance:
PANCAKES with: jam, fruit, cream, chocolate butter (that is a sweet proposal)
or with cheese, vegetables, tomato or garlic souce, meat etc.

Believe me that is really great!

Recipe for pancakes (cost about 50p)
-2 eggs
-half a litre of milk
-flour (approximately 2 glasses)

Put 2 eggs into a bowl, add some salt and mix all together. Then You pour milk and mix, of course. After that add two glasses of flour and again mix that using a whisk. In order to make pancakes softer You might add one fourth of glass of water. If you see that this batter is not thick enough, add a bit more flour. You do not know how much??? Use Your intuition, cooking is a constant learning and experimenting. I hope You will like your pancakes!!!

Experiment with...

Close Your eyes and imagine that you are on a different planet now... it is more colourful, it also irritates Your senses. Now, you are able to feel more, smell more, see more and hear more. Do not be scared. Trust me... The moment you trust me, you will be able to create magic things...
Don't be afraid of experimenting with herbs, mixing sweet and bitter tastes. You also don't have to cut Your vegetables in a perfect way, it's not a cooking programme. Welcome to the spontaneous and normal cuisine. Everything depends on You...

Monday, 12 March 2007


Hello Everybody,
My name is Ola and I am going to experiment with this weblog for a few weeks. I love cooking, eating and also observing people. That is why I am going to make you bored with everything what is connected with food.... where??? in Aberystwyth, which is a lovely small town in Wales, Great Britain (see picture below). It is located at the seaside and there is also the University of Wales where I study:)