Saturday, 21 April 2007

Comment on BRITish NARROW-MINDNESS... sorry, I am simply honest with You...

Yeah, I want to comment on most of the British people I have already met here in Aber. I am going to gossip about my previous flat-mates especially. I had never known so many people who are almost afraid of tasting foreign cuisines and think that British food (probably crisps and chips with vinegar:):):):)) is the best.
It was in October 2006 when we, I lived that time in one of the dormitories on the campus, spoke about Christmas tradition and meals. They asked me what we eat in Poland that time. Believe me, I have never seen so disgusted people with anything. Yeah, according to many Brits Poland is a third-world country, with constant snow. Some Brits also think that we do not have mobile phones, the Internet, similar products in shops etc. PATHETIC!!!
Coming back to my story, I told them that during Christmas Eve we are not allowed to eat meat, because it is our tradition. Of course, they asked what we eat instead. I said that mostly fish, e.g. I love herrings and carp:) Every family prepare different salads, depends on what kind they like. For instance, in my family we eat also a beetroot soup with some kind of raviollis called "uszka" or "small pierogi". We have also cabbage with mushrooms, dumlings with poppy seeds and raisins, herring salads (one is a Ukrainian one, because my grandfather was born there).
However, everything depends on the region. My mum used to eat a fish soup at home, my boyfriend has a mushroom one during Christmas Eve. After the main meal, people eat poppy-seed cakes, cheese cakes,
boiled wheat with poppy seeds and honey etc. The next two days of Christmas, we eat different kinds of meat, salads and cakes.
Could you imagine that my BRITish colleagues almost vomited when I told them about typical Christmas meals?!?!?! How narrow-minded they are... My Gosh.
I am not jealous that they eat for Christmas, let's say similar things they eat usually, because then they cannot feel the special character of the time. I am only horrified that they are so closed in a pejorative sense to other cultures and cuisines....

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