Friday, 20 April 2007

Welcome to the paradise of SALADS...

I love, adore eating salads. I prepare them almost everyday. They are not very time consuming, are tasty and HEALTHY. I will give you some tips how to experiment with vegetables:)

My favourite one is a GREEK SALAD.
In order to prepare it you need (depends how much you would like to eat:):) and how many people are going to eat that): some lettuce, an onion (preferably a red one), 2-3 cloves of garlic, tomatoes, a cucumber, feta cheese, pepper and oil of olives. Some people also add some red/orange/green pepper, but it depends on you...
Chop or slice vegetables and feta cheese into a bowl, add some oil and pepper and squezzed garlic. Stir and relish!!!

I think, however, that the best way to prepare a great salad is to use whatever you have or want to use, do not be afraid of experimenting. As a student, I have to save money so sometimes I do not have every ingredient I want to use in my salad.
Lettuce or cabbage, peppers (no matter what colour they are, but in my opinion red and orange ones are the best), tomatoes, cucumber, fresh herbs (e.g. basil), onions, garlic, olives, different kind of cheese and sauces, corn, tuna, meat, prawns, pasta, rice, pickled cucumbers, peas etc.

Pasta is great with prawns/chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and some mayonaise.
Rice is great with pickled cucumbers, peas, corn and mayo.
Lettuce (like a greek salad), but You may add some corn, pepper, cheese, meat etc.

As far as sauces are concerned:
- a yoghurt/sour cream with herbs
- olive oil with herbs (you may add some vinegar or lemon juice)

JUST EXPERIMENT, believe me it is great. Good luck!!!

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