Saturday, 21 April 2007

My boyfriend Marcin and his greatest SANDWICHES in the world!!!

The Royal Witch


Preliminary, there is no big deal in meeting standards for this dish. You just need to prepare ingredients (more later on), and be hungry. There is however a bit of subtlety in the final stroke.
1. Ingredients

Having assured yourself by ongoing protests of own stomach that you really need something to eat, gather:
- bread of good quality
- ham, or sliced sausage (poultry, fish allowed)
- fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives,
- cheese
- tomato sauce
- herbs (later on)

The first thing I would like to skip, leaving it till the end, so we will start from the moment your bread is nicely spread with tomato sauce mixed with herbs. You need now to chop garlic very finely, ideally if you use a squeezing machine, and put it onto the bread. Note that amount of garlic is of your individual preference. The only clue I can give is to use it more generously, as you dine closer to Transylvania. Unless you are a vampire, werewolf or you have a date after the meal.
Pick 2-3 olives for each slice of bread and cut them in fine pieces. Put them on the sandwich, and decide what kind of meat you would like. I have not tried this with the fish instead of beef or pork, but it seems to me that it would not cause any horrid diarrhoeas. Poultry works fine – the fact that my semi-vegetarian friend, is still alive after eating one with chicken, justifies that. The next step is to put tomatoes, or if you prefer your dish without them, cheese. As for the cheese don't be mean. You will find it nice, once you find that your dish is covered by a cheesy tablecloth. Afterwards turn an oven on 200°C for about 7 minutes. Add ketchup, mayo, and mustard in line with your taste.

2. A hint of unspeakable

The secret lies in herbs you add to tomato sauce which you then use to spread the bread with. Grounded garlic, basil, Provancal herbs, chives are the main one I use, but the hardest thing to tackle is to measure them properly, to create the core ingredient. It is a matter of proportion, just like the beauty of a female body which, both of which come with experience.

Written by my boyfriend Marcin

PS. It is me-Ola. Wow, I love when he writes something - like a writer, and when he prepares his greatest sandwiches, it is like love given on the plate:)

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