Saturday, 21 April 2007

What I LIKE eating and cooking

Hmm... My boyfriend says that when I am cooking I am happier and calmer. He is probably right because cooking brings me lots of satisfaction and eating - lots of pleasure:)
My grandma used to be a cook in the kindergarten and I think she is great because she is able to prepare something delicious from "nothing". As a child, I used to visit her and watch her cooking. I loved tasting eveything. Some people even said that they had never seen such an eager child in eating:) I am not fussy about any food, I love trying new cuisines. I have my favourites of course.

For BREAKFAST I love eating sandwiches, e.g. with cured meat, cheese and vegetables or with jam. Sometimes I eat corn flakes with milk and jam. I love drinking tea, I am addicted to earl grey.

For LUNCH (in Poland called DINNER) I eat something hot. I love varieties of pasta, with different sauces, herbs and vegetables. I love also rice (the best one is Uncle Bens - with fish, grilled chicken with potatoes, different salads with tuna, meat, cheese and sauces. I also love soups: tomato, cucumber, beetroot. Most of them are typical Polish one. I like Romanian, Turkish, Italian (pastas and pizza), Indian (tikka masala) and Greek (olives, variety of meat and salads) cuisines the most.

I like also fruits (watermelon, apples, banana especially), juices, still and sparkling water, chocolate and cheese cakes, scones and sometimes cheese and onion/sour cream crisps.

I like eating and experimenting with new flavours. I hope that I will taste in June Portugese cuisine and in July the French one... We will see:)

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