Friday, 20 April 2007

Nigella Lawson... She is so tasty:):):)

She likes eating most mashed potatoes with chicken, I also like mashed potatoes very much, chicken as well... I am also dark hair, dark eyed girl and love cooking... I want to be similar to her or Audrey Hepburn. I have never liked copying anybody but Nigella and Audrey are the women I really admire. Audrey because of acting, her charm, her life and Nigella because of her gorgeous cooking programme and of course her charm as well.

Everybody, who has ever watched her cooking on TV, wants Nigella to cook for him/her.
I agree with her way of cooking because it is not only about cooking as such but the way ‘how to eat’, which in my opinion is even more important.

Nigella Lawson's Food Philosophy

You know what is so great about her? That she simply cooks, not celebrates. She says: ‘Take a shallot, but if you do not have one, an onion is also ok’. I love her because of that. She keeps herbs in the drawer in bags and not on the shelf in the perfect order. When she says to add any herb, she simply takes the handful of it, instead of taking only a bit from the jar. When she talks about stirring the salad, she does it with her hands, like EVERYBODY, who cooks at home – and not using elegant spoons... and then she licks her fingers:) and I do not have to feel guilty that I do the same...

She does not cook a particular cuisine. She also does not think that time consuming meals can give you pleasure, because not many people have time to do that or even want. She prefers a cuisine which is less effective and absorbing, adapted to the age we live in now...
New York Times wrote that 'watching her is like the prelude to orgy' (I have read it on,53662,4041265.html?as=6&ias=7&startsz=x).

I am a heterosexual, but even I wait until she licks her fingers because is is so passionate...
‘Nigella Bites’ is the best cooking programme I have ever seen because she is so charming, natural and not fake.

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