Thursday, 19 April 2007

Savoir vivre... some people I have observed forget about it...

Etiquette, savoir vivre or simply social norms should be so common amongst people e.g. my customers, unfortunately they are not. I have been working behind the bar. You may call me a barwoman:), a waitress or even a cleaner because my duties are various, beginning from serving and ending at cleaning. It is really pathetic to see "cultural" people, who make a worse mess on the tables than children or even animals!!! As my colleague who works in the Cafe said: "They do not eat their doughnut, they make an explosion of it". I could give you another example: a flake devastated on the saucer. Apart from the huge mess on the tables, like after a storm, I probably do not like most when people do not use ashtrays... PEOPLE PLEASE BEHAVE! YOU HAVE BEEN OBSERVED! I am like a Big Sister:):):)

I found a very interesting article about savouir vivre but not only about that:

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