Saturday, 21 April 2007

some TIPS how to FRY meat and fish...

I am not a vegetarian, I would not be able to resign from eating a piece of meat with garlic, onion and herbs, Yummy!!! I also love eating fish.
Today, now I feel like on TV cooking-programme:-), we will learn how to prepare tasty meat and fish and how to fry them properly.

Let's start from MEAT.

1. When you buy a piece of it, you have to remove fat and clean it with water.
2. Then you take herbs (marjoram, curry, mild or hot pepper, oregano, basil, thyme, garlic, onion, parsley, salt). Use those herbs you like and the amount which is ok for you and people who will eat this meat with you. Take into account that children and elderly people prefer eating milder meat to spicier one. I noticed that the best way is to coat a piece of meat in herbs and leave it in the fridge for a day or even two, because the meat will become saturated with herbs and will be simply tastier.
3. Now, when the meat is ready to be fried, take a frying pan and oil (or any kind of fat you like). Take a big spoon of oil and pour it onto a frying pan, let it be hot. Having read my post with spaghetti and preparation of a sauce, now you should know how we check whether the frying pan is ready for putting some meat there... I am only reminding You now.

You have to pour some water on your fingers and then to flick your fingers on the pan, so that water could touch the oil. If the oil starts to sizzle, it means that you can put meat into it. Be careful because it is very easy to burn the piece of meat, so remember to check when it is "gold" to turn it over. Sometimes is happens that it will start burning, add some water then. When you are sure that it is gold on both sides, you may take a pot and put there your meat, cover it with a lid, pour 2 spoons of water and leave on the cooker you used but turn it off, it is still warm enough. Why I am advising you to do that? It is very simple, because the meat will have some time to get softer, it is like a kind of boiling and steaming at the same time. It should take about 20 minutes.

As far as FISH is concerned:

1. Clean it with water as well.
2. Take similar herbs I advised you to use with meat. I do not like coating fish with flour, breadcrumbs or a special kind of coating. It is more caloric and not as tasty as with herbs only.
3. When you have the fish is coated with herbs, take some ordinary or olive oil and DO NOT POUR IT ONTO A FRYING PAN, but spread it onto a fish. WHY??? Once, in December 2006, I watched a cooking programme, they said that when you do it in such a way, you not smell fish in the whole house. I was sure they were bluffing because I did not believe them... But I tried and they were right. When You spread fat onto a fish not pour onto a frying pan it is simply better.
4. It is also very easy to burn the fish so watch out and in a good moment put it over (when it is slightly gold).

I hope You will succeed!!! I am sure about that:)

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